Once you have locked me in, give the 'ceremony' section on your list of things to do a big fat TICK!
Grab a chocolate bicky and put your feet up - let me take the stress out of planning your ceremony.

1. Let's chat.

Obligation free chat in person or over the phone to talk about your ideal wedding ceremony. Are we a match made in heaven? I think so...

2. Can't get enough of me?

Let's meet again! During this meeting we will discuss the details of the ceremony and sign some legal anyone?

3. Give me the dirt.

I will send you both questionaries to complete so I can find out all the juicy deets and draft a ceremony that is completely unique to you.

4. Draft the ceremony - get crack-a-lackin'!

This is where I create a masterpiece that reflects you and your relationship and brings out the love and lols.

I give my couples the option to read my draft or wing it on the day.


5. Rehearsal baby.

Meet at the venue to run through the ceremony - let's choreograph that shit. 


6. Wedding day.

Where I give you and your guests a day you will never forget! 


7. Cover yo' ass.

Given you will be amidst the heady heights of being a newlywed, I will register your marriage and lodge the forms with births, deaths and marriages.

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